10 Things (some) People Always Tend to Forget

1. Other people’s birtdates

2. People sometimes tend to forget to plug off their thumbdrives when they finish using the computer or laptop at their workplace, school or home.

3. People tend to forget what they dreamt about in their sleep as soon as they woke up.

4. Forget to invite their close friends to their own wedding. (just kidding)

5. Forget that they have a medical or dental appointment to attend. This is especially true if the appointment dates were set months and months earlier.

6. Forget to water their plants (and that they have some plants to water). This applies to people who do keep plants. (duh!) By the way, it is good to keep plants and tend to them. It is a therapautic activity. Plants will look after you when you are old-as in they will eat up the carbon dioxide you’ve helped produced over your lifetime and ease up global warming, so you are more likely to enjoy the weather when you are old if you keep more plants now. (you know how I like to come up with stupid theories)
7. Forget that they have a driving theory test to sit for in 2 hours. (Happened to me once).

8. Some people forget their own handphone numbers. I’m amazed each time I encounter this.

9. Switch off their handphones in the cinema or in a meeting where other people expect them to switch off their handphones. Although some people really can’t be bothered to switch off their handphones in such situation.

10. Lastly, people forget to be grateful for what they have and that life is really short.

* List not ranked in order of frequency of occurrance.

** Some items on the list only apply to the writer and not to most other people. However, this does not imply that the writer is atypically absent-minded.

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Gua Tempurung, Perak.

Gua Tempurung, Perak.

Gua Tempurung, Perak.

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